Handheld Hummingbird Feeder 4PCS


Perfect for All Ages: The delight of seeing beautiful hummingbirds fly right up to your hand or window to eat is certain to enthrall children, adults, and bird enthusiasts of all ages!

New and Improved: Because we are continually seeking to offer you the best products available, this Handheld Hummingbird Feeder 2 Pack now features a convenient suction cup mount and perch for hummingbirds to land on.

The incense tree with bass hand-held hummingbird feeder (4-piece pack) provides bird lovers of all ages and levels of experience with the opportunity to feed hummingbirds directly from your hands. Even better, when you don’t use the aromatic tree hummingbird feeder yourself, you can easily install the feeder on the window through the included sucker mounting rack and convenient bird habitat.

The commitment to quality means that you can safely buy hand-held hummingbird feeders because they know that you will get quality products at a high price.

Thanks to its innovative and versatile design, the Aroma Tree Handheld Hummingbird Feeder can not only feed birds by hand but also attract hummingbirds to feed on the patio, by the fence, or by the window.

Clean feeders with water before use.
Choose a quiet place to feed, wait for hummingbirds patiently.
Before sticking to the window, pls wet the suction cap a little first, and then stick firmly so that it won’t fall off easily.
Check feeders every 3-4 days for insects or mold and clean with a brush thoroughly.


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Handheld Hummingbird Feeder 4PCS